Do you mind?

I had a question for my friends - the atheists - do you mind if Christians come into your forum and discuss things with you? Why or why not?


I have a question for atheists: Why do you believe god does not exist when there isn't any completely concrete evidence that he does not actually exist?

If Human Beings have no souls..

The soul is the core of us that supposedly transcends, and even persists beyond, our physicality, lending us a fundamental autonomy, privacy and dignity. Even self-proclaimed materialists, who intellectually accept the idea we are just meat machines...

The Heavens Declare His Glory.

Pslam 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands". Look into the sky and see the glory of God ! :)

I just don't know!

What is the meaning of life? Do we even exist? Does God exist? Do people have free will? Do people have souls? How do we determine truth? How is a priori knowledge possible? The problem of universals. What is beauty? What is consciousness? What is...


there is someone on this site saying he is an atheist but goes on and on about celebrating this holiday it is a Christian holiday, from what I know, you guys do not celebrate this and if u do, why do u??

I have a question?

I have been looking through many of the religion and beliefs threads. In the Atheism forum it appears to me that those who call themselves atheists tend to put all religions into the same category when attacking them. It's obvious that as an atheist...

Youtube atheists?

Any particular youtube atheists that you are subscribed to or watch often? Overall I don't really like the whole 'youtube atheist movement' stuff, as I don't really agree with some of the more out-spoken or more radical ones, and it bothers me that so...

Towards belief in God

The World now is moving towards belief in God. In the past decades humanity has suffered greatly from the ideology of Atheism. Darwinism has set the philosophy of Atheism which assumes that creatures are in a continuous struggle against each other in...

I dare to read this if your athiest

I dare to to read this and then tell me God doesnt exist. I am going to tell you a story about a convesation between two college students and an athiest professor of philosophy. I know its long but just read it! "Let me explain the problem science has...